The future is ours to create.

Meet Rebecca Ryan

If you knew the future, what would you do? Run a better business? Build a smarter city? Leave your competition in the dust? Rebecca Ryan knows what's next and inspires audiences to get future-ready.

She is a futurist and an economist...and hilarious. Some folks call her a "human spark plug." But don't take our word for it...

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Regeneration Book Cover


A Manifesto for America's Next Leaders

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Regeneration Book Cover

Live First, Work Second

Getting Inside the Head of the Next Generation

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Client Projects

You want to figure out what's next. We want to help. Here are a few examples of our work for cities and companies.

About Us

The future is dynamic and complex. Our team includes an interdisciplinary mix of sociologists, economists, corporate castoffs, and heretics. You have to think differently to get to the future first.

Rebecca Ryan

Best-selling author, economist and futurist.


Rebecca Ryan is a human sparkplug. She is one part economist, one part futurist, and one part humorist. (That's right, economists can be funny.) Rebecca inspires us to think differently about the future...our future. Author of Life First, Work Second, and ReGENERATION, Rebecca is called "a voice for the next generation."

More About Rebecca

Lisa Loniello

Master of logistics and client care.

Lisa joined NGC in September 2014. Also known as Rebecca's right hand diva, Lisa is your first point of contact here at NGC. She has a Ph.D. in Customer Service and a Masters in Logistics. Lisa believes in cute outfits and kindness. She enjoys traveling, happy hour and family. (She's also a wicked rapper.) Lisa joined NGC after twelve years at the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce where she wowed 2,300 members in her role as Executive Assistant.

Stephanie Ricketts

Social Media and Community Diva

Stephanie is our social media diva and Camp Director. She introduces our clients and team to the world and to each other. Her mission? To inspire and build our tribe of change makers and superheroes. Give her a holler if you want to know more about what we’ve got going on, or have good news of your own to share. And when she has slack in her schedule, you might also find her managing the hell out of client work, like the Future of Wisconsin project for LGI.


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