Futurist Camp 2016

Are you intrigued by what it means to be a “futurist”? Do you think your organization (or you?) would benefit from learning how to think and lead like a futurist?

If you have the futurist itch, we have crafted an amazing experience for you.

Let Rebecca tell you all about it:

Join us for three days at Camp Wandawega, where you’ll be part of a small tribe learning strategic foresight techniques directly from Rebecca Ryan, the Resident Futurist at the Alliance for Innovation and AGRiP as well as a Senior Advisor at the Governing Institute.

The fun doesn’t end there.

All campers are invited to participate in exclusive conference calls after Camp is over, to extend our learning and discuss strategy/problems for your projects. In addition, all campers are eligible to apply for an additional continuation of Camp through Foresight Certification, a designation from NEXT Generation Consulting, Inc. To earn their certification, campers must show they’ve successfully applied strategic foresight to an issue at home within a year of Camp ending. Those who earn their foresight certification will be added to our professional network and may be referred to clients requesting futurist services.

Did we mention schwag bags? 

Believe us, you haven’t been to camp like this since, well… since never. Stephanie and Lisa have curated phenomenal Camper Kits that have all the Camp essentials. Along with the curriculum designed and led by Rebecca Ryan, Futurist Camp has canoes, late night bonfires, axe throwing contests and all the other camp experiences you miss (or missed) from childhood.  Pack your swimsuit!

Registration is now live! Head on over to get your spot- attendance is limited!

Tuition Rates (NOTE: Tuition includes room and board at Camp Wandawega, as well as Rebecca’s curriculum.):

public sector/non-profits: $2000
private sector : $3000
certification: additional $1500


Team NGC answers some of your most Frequently Asked Questions:

Camp Q&A

Posted by Rebecca Ryan on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

What will you learn at Futurist Camp?

Camp begins on the evening of August 15th and ends at 10am on August 18th. While an agenda is not yet set, here is an outline of the basic curriculum, which will cover everything you need to know to run a kick-butt foresight process at your organization, and then some. This will include (but not be limited to):

  1. The six steps of the Foresight process
    – You’ll design a beta project for use in your own organization. (In other words, you’ll leave camp with a plan to use foresight back at the office.)
    – You’ll serve as a consultant to other campers, about their process
    – You’ll get one-on-one time with me during camp, to discuss and ask questions about your project or anything else you want to talk about.
  2.  Master facilitation skills and meeting techniques 
    – What can go wrong during foresight, and how can you keep the process out of the ditch and on the tracks?
    – This will be case study based, so you’ll be working with real situations that have happened in real communities like the Dept of Defense and some of Rebecca’s own clients situations.
    – You’ll learn how adults learn, and how to apply that to the foresight process, e.g. why is it better to facilitate a tabletop discussion where adults have dialogue with each other about trends rather than presenting a slide show of trends?
  3. Storytelling – the secret ingredient in effective futuring. 
    – “Forecasts” or “scenarios” are the third step in the Foresight Process. Scenarios is just another word for “stories” and they are often the most potent force in helping people understand why they need to change and embrace the future.
    – What makes a good scenario great?
    – How to help “everyday folks” develop great stories
    – How to use stories to drive change
  4. Causal Layered Analysis “CLA”
    CLA is an advanced foresight technique used primarily in Asia and Australia, but is especially potent for communities. (We estimate that over half of our attendees will be people who work in or for municipalities)

Ready to register?

How can you get the most from Camp?

  • Come with a challenge/project to which you’d like to apply foresight
  • Be ready to do action-learning. You’re going to learn a concept and immediately start working on it.
  • This is camp, not a lecture hall. So there will be no powerpoint slides. You’re going to work with others on their projects, and they’re going to help you with your project.
  • Be ready to start early and work late. (You’ll have flex time every afternoon for self-care/napping/rejuvenation).
  • Bonfires. Every night. Your hair is going to smell like smoke.
  • Be ready to unplug. There is no reliable wireless internet so tell people you’re going to be off the grid. Your wife/kids can call the land line at camp if there’s an emergency.
  • Bring business cards. You’re going to meet some amazing people (peers and professional futurists) who you’re going to want to stay in touch with.


Food and lodging for the duration of Futurist Camp is all inclusive. Rooms will be assigned when the final camp tallies are made. Most are shared rooms.

Check out this sneak peak tour from earlier in the year!

Futurist Camp Sneak Peak!

Posted by Rebecca Ryan on Friday, April 22, 2016

Email sr@nextgenerationconsulting.com with any questions, or register here!